Saturday, January 11, 2003

Hey, and welcome to my Lord of the Rings blog! I'll try to update it frequently, so keep checking back for new stuff. Also, check out my other blog, Elflove, at

To begin with, why don't I give you guys a few links to some Lord of the Rings quizzes?

Aragorn's my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here

what Lord of the rings man gets you hot?

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Which LotR guy is your soulmate?

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I'm Elanor Gamgee!

Which of Sam Gamgee's kids are you?

I'm Elf!

I am an Elf, like Legolas or Arwen. I prance around in forests and am at one with nature. I also have malformed ears and sneak shampoo along on my journey's so my hair stays nice and shiny.

Click here to find out which species you are!

You are an evil squid. The giant calamari of

Oh well, at least you got to feel up Frodo.

Advice: Keep your tentacles to yourself unless you

an angry gardener to have a hack at you.

Which LOTR Actor Is Your Ideal Husband?
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Ah, so Orlando Bloom is your ideal husband is he? Yummy! You like 'em outgoing, charming, and hotter than hell. We approve your taste!

I am...

I'm Viggo Mortensen!

I'm the artistic and charismatic Viggo Mortensen. I'm creative, sensitive, artistic, poetic, and an extremly loyal friend.

Which Fellowship Actor are YOU?